Captain cajun's ferryboat

Captain Cajun's Ferryboat, solved on the easiest difficulty, featuring a weird-looking frame of the captain

Captain Cajun's Ferryboat is the first puzzle in the Who's Bayou region of Logical Journey of the Zoombinis.


Captain Cajun (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) owns a ferryboat and gets his pay by taking anybody across the wide river that he lives by.  Your Zoombinis need the help of Captain Cajun to cross a river and proceed on their way. Cajun's ferryboat has exactly enough spaces for all of your 16 Zoombinis. Although the captain insistently tells you that he does not care where you sit, he is very picky about seating and if two Zoombinis sit next to each other that share no traits (eyes, hair, nose or feet), he will become very angry and eject the offending Zoombini from his raft and in the water, and makes a comment.  If a zoombini makes an attempt to sit in a seat that is already occupied by another zoombini, then Cajun will get angry at that as well and send him back to where the rest of the zoombinis are.

As the difficulty level increases, the configuration of the seats changes so that your Zoombinis are adjacent to more of their peers. Nobody knows why he does that; maybe it could be a big joke being played by him.

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There is really not much more to be said in the way of how to solve this one... It is possible that certain combinations canbe made that are not solvable, and to my knowledge Cajun never gets so angry that he leaves without the rest of your troop (someone ought to check that though). The Zoombinis must have something in common with the Zoombinis next to whom they sit.

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