Map - Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

The Deep, Dark Forest is one of your two choices for the second leg of the journey in the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, the other choice being Who's Bayou. The area is composed of three puzzles: Fleens!, Hotel Dimiensia and Mudball Wall. The area ends at the Shade Tree campsite. The journey through here is much more dangerous than going through Who's Bayou, but much quicker.


Like its namesake, the forest is very dark. And of course, like any other forest, it is filled with many trees. The area close to Shade Tree is wetter than the rest of the forest.

Life FormsEdit

Average forest animals live here, such as squirrels. Fleens migrated here after they split up from the Zoombinis, and now live in the easternmost areas.

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