Fleen Puzzle

A game of Fleens! in progress on Not So Easy difficulty

Fleens! is the first puzzle in the Deep, Dark Forest region of Logical Journey of the Zoombinis.

Geographically, it is south of the Who's Bayou.

Premise Edit

The Zoombinis have to cross a clearing but there are Fleens that will attack the Zoombinis. You have to lure the three Fleens that are on the tree branch off the tree branch in order for the bees to be disturbed and attack the Fleens. You have to use Zoombinis with certain features to get the Fleens off the branch. After each Zoombini distracts a Fleen, they escape to the tree branch on the left of the screen. Unfortunately, only six Zoombinis can fit on the branch and when a seventh Zoombini climbs on the branch, a Zoombini falls off the branch and returns to the checkpoint.

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Detailed Mechanics and Rules Edit

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Strategy for Solving the PuzzleEdit

To solve the puzzle, the player must find out which Zoombini features relate to which Fleen features. (i.e. Zoombinis with certain feet will distract Fleens with certain eyes). This should be done with the first three Fleens. Try to make the first three Zoombinis have varied features (i.e. one has one eye, another has glasses, and the third has sleepy eyes) but not have an entirely unique feature. After the first three Zoombinis, try to deduce which Zoombinis will distract the Fleens on the branch. This is only a process of data analysis because the number of Zoombinis with a certain feature will correspond to the number of Fleens with a certain feature (i.e. the number of Zoombinis that have sleepy eyes will be equal to the number of Fleens with brown shoes depending on the data).

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