Mudball Wall

Mudball Wall is the last puzzle in the Deep, Dark Forest.


The object of the game is to launch all the mud balls onto the sections with dots. Each ball you've launched will either connect the shapes or the colours. If a mud ball hits the wall with dots, a boulder will launch Zoombinis to the cliff. The Zoombinis will be unable to pass the game if you've wasted the mud balls. The shapes and color patterns become more complicated as the levels get higher.


This level is not very difficult compared to the other minigames. The player should remember that on later difficulties, one of the features (i.e. shape, inner colour, outer colour) will change randomly within each column, row, or section. In order to counter this, the player should make the first two mudballs with two features different from each other to figure out which feature changes randomly. After figuring out the odd one out, the player should be able to guess the feature and still have enough mud to complete the level.

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